The Arena

The Arena is a fast paced social survival game for 1-10 players played on Discord! To play, you can add ArenaBot to your Discord server or join our community hub.

How to Play

Survive. Once your health drops to zero you’re eliminated!

Strategize. Talk to other players and form alliances and plans.

Decide. Lock in your actions on other players each round!

Reveal. All player’s choices and their consequences are revealed each round!

Grow your Community

  • The Arena has a proven record of boosting server activity and fostering community.

  • Invite ArenaBot to your server!

  • Matchmaking is seamless. Type +a play to queue for a game.

  • Your friends and community can join you by simply reacting!

  • Alternatively, you can create a permanent matchmaking channel.

Compete with the Best

  • Battle players from around the world in our thriving Community Hub

  • Make your way up our leaderboard's ranks!

  • Cement your legacy as The Arena's champion.

  • Make new friends along your journey